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Guild Message of the Day - May 22nd
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Poísoned News

By: Caudle - March 17th

Warmaster Blackhorn 25H down! 6/8 Heroic.

And now the fun of Spine begins...

  • Snuckerpooks: The people want a video. I can here it.
  • Ayon: This is very true Snuck.
  • Cøøleø: Grats guys!
  • Aggressíon: But you don't hear it?
  • Ireaper: OMG... this vid would have been epic sauce!
  • Snuckerpooks: OOOOHHH AGG YOU MEAN TO HHEEWWWW. btw in japan now
By: Caudle - March 9th

Fangs of the Father #2!

Big Congrats to Buddie on the 2nd set of Legendary Daggers on The Underbog.  If you'd like to see them yourself, feel free to take a stroll in front of Stormwind, he'll be happy to give you a up close look at them.

  • Buddyandrew: I like it
  • Rodex: /droooool
  • Ireaper: those wings are really fun to spellsteal
  • Snuckerpooks: YOu ain't gonna be a Rival for much longer. Glad Inc
  • Malificous: Grats Buddy, how long did it take you to get all nice and centered just so?
By: Caudle - March 3rd

5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul

Again I'm terrible at updating news, but we're now 5/8 in Heroic Dragonsoul 25m! Also, our Guild Video Coordinator Snucker unfortunately is getting pulled away by the dreaded "Real Life", so no more fancy videos. Good luck Snucker!

In the meantime, you can see our videos here:

  • Ireaper: Sucks that you gotta leave snucker... gonna be hard to replace but good luck in japan
  • Ayon: We going to miss you Snucker. Its going to be hard to replace you. Hope all goes well In Japan.
  • Snuckerpooks: I don't mind if someone wants to take the channel and run with it some more. They just gotta know what they are doing and shoot me a PM on steam or on teamspeak.
  • Snuckerpooks: Oh, and have a clean UI in some way shape or form. There was a reason why my UI is so darn clean, so viewers can see whats going on.
By: Caudle - February 3rd

Fangs of the Father, Server First Legendary Daggers!

A big congrats to Ridill and the entire raid team on getting the daggers done.  They look like serious business!

  • Mythiix: That's a really nice picture.
  • Ridill: Thank you everyone! except Tarajo.
  • Malificous: Ninjas?
By: Caudle - February 3rd

2/8 Heroic Dragon Soul

I'm a total slacker on posting news. None the less we're 2/8 Heroic, Morchok and Hagara down (pre-nerf).

By: Wolvshammy - January 10th

Another day another Realm First...

So after downing H Rag, we decided trade chat needed something else to cry about before we could even hearth.  Realm First H Sinestra.  Yes, Alliance...there is a 13th boss hiding below Chogall.  What a ridiculous fight and a ton of respect to those who did this in 4.1.  The cleansing and healing was ridiculous.  Luckily Change carried hard and Caudle showed me how to use a Legendary staff effectively.  Once again, our sincerest apologies for spamming your screens two days in a row.  In the words of the greatest Troll ever - suck it!

  • Snuckerpooks: Don't try and play it cool, Nuck tanked, Toro DPS's, and Change healed the entire thing.
By: Wolvshammy - January 10th

Realm First Heroic Ragnaros


There were many wipes, tears, gripes and fails, but, in the end, the only thing left were the tears of the haters of the Underbog insta-spamming whispers from their 5 man dungeons.  There was a ton of work that went into this, and by the end we had perfected basically everything except Blizz trolling us.  Invisible meteors tunneling under the ground anyone?  You'll get what we are talking about when MOP comes out alliance.

  • Snuckerpooks: Well, it looks like all conversations people have with you is the same... dumbass.
By: Caudle - January 1st

Battle Royale 2011

Since it was the last raiding week of the year, the officers figured we'd surprise the guild with a little fun.  We started off doing some mass farming (not fun, but it was needed) to restock the gbank.  We followed that up with a Battle Royale between 2 teams for a 50k gold pot. The picture above is Ayons triumphant team.  We then cleaned up Dragon Soul, and for the capper we decided to Occupy the Horde AH. 



You can see and hear some of the carnage (don't care what BS the horde kiddies say in trade, we handed them a solid 20 minute ass whoopin).  Go check out Snucker's youtube page to see for yourself.


  • Celbran: So Caudle has 200k gold huh ?
  • Caudle: My money is guild money, and the gbank has a cap :)
By: Wolvshammy - December 4th

Deathwing Down!

It ain't the first time we beat some ass, and it definitely won't be the last....

By: Wolvshammy - November 23rd

Dragonwrath Tarecgosa in the hands of her true Master!

Now is my time to rise above the mediocrity that is Ele Shaman! Now all will feel my wrath as I usurp power from all those who were above me. Now MINE is the domain of....of....SEMI-MEDIOCRE!


  • Aggressíon: Wait.. where is it?!
  • Ojarat: lol.
  • Wolvshammy: They nerfed the size of the mount when a Shaman is riding it....

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